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Apr 22, 2012


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Matt's blog

Howdy! Does the frequency of your posting depend on some thing or you write blog articles when you have a special mood or you create if you have time? Can't wait to see your answer.

Mike Hart

As a discipline, I try to write one article per month, or sooner if inspiration strikes.

Charles Moeller


I like your story.

Just now looking into MRP for our small manufacturing outfit of 5 to 7 employees. We make fireplace fronts, called "doors" (because some fronts are actually doors). The ones we make for a large manufacturer of gas-fired inserts are distinctive, as they are made of pieces of blacksmith-forged & hand-hammered and 1/4" thick mild steel bars welded together on steel tables using jigs and fixtures. All the competitors’ products out there are character-less stampings (mainly from China).

I am looking for a simple MRP system. Our process is:

1. Receive PO from the big manufacturer for lots of 6 or 12 of ten different fronts. (Our typical manufacturing produces 36-40 fronts a week for a yearly gross of $500k - $750k/year.)

2. Estimate the funding required to fulfill the PO,

3. Get funding from payment for previously shipped products,

4. Order & pay for the raw materials (BOMs & expendable supplies) and subcontracted parts,

5. Hammer the pieces and weld them into door assemblies,

6. Surface treat, clean, and coat,

7. Bake,

8. Assemble pallet boxes and fill with doors,

9. Ship and invoice,

10. Receive payment and pay employees, pay taxes, overhead, etc.

We do not have a server, but the boss, the foreman, and I each have our own computers. We need a system in which all of us has access to the same information and it is updated at least once a day when we are all together at the manufacturing facility. Additionally, I have a computer at home in which I wish to have the same info as the other computers.

Is your system the right thing for us?
there more reading material that would be helpful?

Best regards,

Mike Hart

Charlie, our software has a universal workflow that can apply to virtually any manufacturing process. What you need to do is to study the workflow and envision how you can fit into it, rather than try to find software that does things the way you are doing now, which you are unlikely to find anyway. I would start by watching our introductory videos and then the system workflow series.

You will need a server and all your computers need to be connected. Date will be updated in real time throughout the day. You also can connect to the network from home using Microsoft terminal services. You need to consult with a local network service provider on these issues.

Good luck with your research.


Are you working on an online version of your software with automatic updates when needed? Would this not solve the problem of needing a server for Charlie's company?

Mike Hart

We have no plans at this time to develop an online version, which would be a huge project. We would rather devote our resources to adding new functionality to the existing platform.

Mike Hart

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