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Dec 13, 2011


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Jason Rourke


We've heard from many of our customers and prospects about the importance of the integration between our ERP and Quickbooks. While we do allow our customers the option of using our internal financials, we also recognize the importance and are sure to create a direct and easy-to-manage integration.

Thanks for the insightful look.


Steven Mtamira

Which accounting software is best in handling manufacturing accounts?

Rich Winslow


I've been working with QuickBooks since 2000 and working with the QuickBooks SDK since version 1 and have written QuickBooks interfaces that completely unload and reload a QuickBooks file with SQL Server.

I've been working with your DBA Manufacturing software for 18 months.

My client wanted more than the current linkage between DBA Manufacturing and QuickBooks, so I created a new interface that will transfer the complete details of Invoices, Bills, Credit Memos, and the GL without export/import or manual entry. The routine is savvy enough to break down complex DBA Manufacturing GL transactions to conform to QuickBooks GL rules (ex. AR and AP cannot be in the same transaction). This routine can run in the background in a fully automatic mode; it operates in a full read-only mode from DBA and conforms to the QuickBooks business logic and security schemes.

If someone wants to simply get a QuickBooks accountant copy of DBA, they can do it without having to commit to the DBA transfer mode and thus AR, AP, and Banking remain on in DBA. They can also choose to use the transfer mode if they want.

The routine will honor transfer accounts if you define them, otherwise it maintains a one-to-one relationship with the DBA accounts.

The routine is capable of populating an empty QuickBooks file with all prior history from DBA Manufacturing. I've processed 18 months of production for my client with over 100,000+ transactions without user intervention.

You have a great product at a great price. For those times when a company wants use QuickBooks in one capacity or another, this routine allows co-existence.

If you'd like to talk about this further, please feel free to give me a call: 828-243-5932.

Your latest release has been a tremendous help with queue management and multiple job time tracking/employee.

Rich Winslow
Co-Owner Automated Results Computer Consulting LLC
Brevard, NC

Mike Hart

Rich - We have plans to automate our Financial Transfer with direct linking to QuickBooks. In doing so, we will stay with the concept of transferring voucher type invoices and bills instead of duplicating the transaction detail in both systems. This provides for a clean separation of functionality between the two systems, with minimal duplication of functions or data. Thanks for the feedback.

Mike Hart

Accounting Firms Melbourne

I like how you differentiated manufacturing and accounting. They're still linked to each other I think. I know a lot of accounting firms and I think it's better than manufacturing.


Quickbooks is a huge software that alot of bussneis's run on today. It is very user friendly and once you start on it, it comes very easily. I am a self taught QB's user and have taught my assistant some of the ins and outs of it. What really helped me was that I use QUICKEN for my personal checkbook. It's not real expensive and it helps me track my loans and checkbook. I'd suggest buying it if you need some experience PLUS you will get a reliable program to help with your personal finances.Also, some local college bussneis's offer night classes and summer classes to learn QB's. Check out a local school and see if they off it. Also, if there is anyone in your community that holds classes on it. (we have a place that holds small workshops).Good luck and if you are computer literate, you will learn QB's fast.


You can try to search for some open orcsue software. The software will be free but the usage (addons will still cost money).However, I'm confused why you are having fees with quickbooks.I opened 2 small businesses in 2004 and have used QBs since then.I had the initial cost of the 2005pro software ($ 200?) and then had to upgrade in last year to 2008pro ($ 275?). That's all I have ever spent. I consider $ 500 over the span of 5 years, a fair cost.Maybe you are buying addons upgrades you don't need. Was this answer helpful?

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