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Mar 12, 2011


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Unions may be evil, but they are a necessary evil. There has been little or no protection for workers in the US against gross exploitation and abuse by their employers. Workers, historically, have not had any recognition for the value of their time, labor, and risks they take doing their assigned work. The law has essentially designated them as slaves and employer property.
This has changed somewhat in more recent times, but every change has been a battle fought by unions. Health and safety standards, work day standards, minimum wages are all issues that have been fought tooth and nail by employers (including public service employers) anxious to save a buck at the employees' expense. The federal minimum wage is still obscenely low. Why? Because changes are fought by incompetent employers who have no respect for the people they hire. They want slaves.
More competent and enlightened employers see the value of a content workplace, and make it happen. They are hard to find, especially in public service with headline budgets. Try getting a decent school package through! Even when it's their own kids that suffer in the end, taxpayers will refuse them money. Teachers are supposed to work for free, buy all the supplies they use for the kids, and maintain a school with all that money they aren't making?
I agree that there are unions that have gone overboard. No argument at all. But union-bashing in general? Look in the mirror, you'll see the reason they exist.

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Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

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Unfortunately, there are "legal" ways that corporations utilize to stop the formation of unions.

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