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Oct 12, 2010


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Clarence French

This is essentially true, however barcoding can be used for ACCURATELY inputing and tracking job labor and job movement on the production floor. We have found that it is difficult to get employees to fill in travellers, timesheets and other documents accurately. Scanning would help to address this problem.

Anthony Boyd

the other benefit of barcoding is that the shop floor team don't need to be computer savvy. our shop floor team don't have any computer skills but asking them to learn windows and DBA is just beyond practicality.

John Mayner - EPR consultant

It is true that a bar code system helps a lot, I would say. After the implementation of sucha a system for a client of ours, they became 70% faster with organizing their inventory.

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This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone. Thnaks for sharing this post!

Caroline Grandy

DBA is so close to being ready for Barcode input.
It has the capabilities to print the labels at PO receipt & Inventory/Job receipt levels, therefore the labeling part is already automated... all that is missing is the Barcode (this applies to job travellers, packing slips, etc). As previously mentioned in the comments Barcoding is supposed to replace data input (by humans) which can have typing errors. We know this with the input of the labour entries (& boy there can be a lot to fix); this applies to anything when a person has to input data into the system.
I think that Mike Hart & your programmers at DBA need to re-think this very important & time saving tool.

mike taylor

We have recently started researching an ERP system for our small but growing company. Our exposure to military customers and support products demand a bar coding system. I dont beleieve bar coding functions can take the place of an oversight program for accountablity but we have to incorporate a bar coding system into our ERP system that we're now reviewing DBA for. I was hoping to find a seamless handshake within the DBA models.

Mike Taylor

Maillot Bresil

I would like this!!!

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