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Feb 01, 2010


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Richard Sigrist

Mike, I agree with your philosopy on how to get small business to understand the value of a good, integrated, manufacturing system. I have spent the last several decades, starting with the MRP Crusade in the 70's, focused on using an integrated system to run a business - and get rid of the spreadsheets.

I would like to post a few ideas that several companies have developed that could be helpful in continuing the growth of DBA to meet the "times".

For example, an MRP detail display/report that shows the supply/demand in a vertical time based format. (will provide an example).

Another might be special techniques that support subcontracting - since outsourcing is becoming more popular.

I have also found a simple way to understand how well a given item in "under control".

One of the most important, but somewhat tricky, area to examine is Forcasting/Forecast Consumption/Production Planning. I have worked with several small firms in this area.

I hope I can help.


accounting software

I think the company should stick to one system. I think Quickbooks can handle all accounting solutions.


Charlie Russell

Mike, regarding your statement "a few years ago I heard from other software developers that QuickBooks changed its database architecture and required that all participants in their software development kit program upgrade and standardize on their new version. This not only caused grief for the developers, who had to immediately retool all their QuickBooks processes, it also forced all users to upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks."

When you say "a few years ago", do you mean back in 2005? Prior to that Intuit didn't really have an SDK, they had a low level interface that was limited. Around then the SDK came out, and it was a great improvement over prior interfaces. Standardization was good in this case.

Or, are you referring to a bit over a year ago, with the "IPP" interface? In that case, your description doesn't apply. Intuit ENCOURAGES developers to use the newer interface, BUT does NOT require it. The prior SDK still exists and all products that use it continue to work just fine, and will work with upcoming releases of QuickBooks.

This is based on my experience with writing software that works with QuickBooks (the SDK in fact).


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There’s a wealth of information here. I’ll be back again.


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